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Designed with your needs in mind AdvancePro inventory control software is perfectly suited
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4 August 2009

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Designed with your needs in mind AdvancePro inventory control software is perfectly suited for QuickBooks users, wholesalers, distributors, multi-channel retailers, importers/exporters, 3rd party logistics, and any other inventory-based businesses.

Features: AdvancePro is inventory management software. It is scalable and flexible. Which means that as your business grows or changes the same software will be able to keep managing your needs. It will be able to keep up even if the business large or the growth rate is very high. You would be able to set up unlimited number of products. Multiple warehouses are available and you can set re-order levels as well as target stock levels for products in each of the warehouses. At each of these warehouses stock is allocated to customer orders automatically. If there are back orders, you can reserve the products for these back orders from incoming stock.

Tracking of inventory or assigning stock in these multiple warehouses and their bins is easily done as is the transfer of stock between warehouses. The reports on inventory held can be done by one of several means such as FIFO, LIFO, average and moving average. You can easily create and email customer orders, be able to look up customer details, print pick list, packing and shipping slips, generate orders for drop ship vendors, track back orders, check stock levels in real-time. Pricing exceptions are taken care of. Managing multi channel e-commerce outlets or retails outlets can be managed. Importing of orders for the e-commerce is through XML files and business is managed at the retail store by POS module. Accepting credit cards of checks are integrated. Unlimited number of billing and shipping address can be handled. It is EDI compliant.

Overall: Quite a nice inventory management piece with relevant features.

Publisher's description

AdvancePro inventory management software is both scalable and flexible. No matter how large your business is, or how fast it’s growing, our inventory management system can adapt to meet all your needs. It is the most affordable option for inventory management in its market segment. Try our inventory management system and find out why so many businesses are turning to AdvancePro.
o Set up unlimited Products in your inventory
o Set re-order alert and target stock levels for multiple warehouses
o Reserve inbound stock for customer back orders
o Automatic allocation of stock to customer orders at warehouse
o Assign and track inventory in multiple warehouses and bin locations
o Transfer stock between warehouses
o Run inventory reports by FIFO, LIFO, Average and Moving Average
o Quick and Easy customer look up during order entry process
o Real time stock information during order entry
o Create Drop Ship Vendor Orders
o Detailed reporting for Back Ordered items and orders
o Print Picking, Packing and Shipping slips
o Create and email customer orders, quotations, invoices and vendor orders
o Multi Channel ecommerce - Import orders via XML Import tool
o Multi-store retail setup with POS module
o Accept payments and charge CC and Checks
o Multiple levels of pricing exceptions
o Unlimited billing and shipping addresses
o EDI compliant
o Unlimited Vendors per product
o Vendor specific SKU and Cost Price
o Multiple UOMs per widget
o Create Items Kits and kits within kits
o Create Assembly Items and BOMs
o Create Variant Products with unlimited variations
o Assign Lot/Serial Numbers per warehouse
o Calculate landed cost using Freight Calculator
o Support for catch-weight items
o Create and print Bill Of Lading (BOL)
o Create Item Assemblies using Work Orders
o Create Work Orders for customized item assemblies
o Wireless Warehouse connection for increased mobility
o B2C, B2B and Sales Rep website integration
Version V8.02
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